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Tag: Programs

Computer programmes that you should check out.

Website overhaul

For nearly 2 decades I have been building websites, it is now time for a website overhaul. It began as a time-filler while at bible college. It then became a hobby which led to a full-time job. I built numerous websites for others but often lacked the time to work on my own. Now that I don’t do websites now as a career, I thought it was time to update my own website.

Free Skype For Mac Download Alternatives

For those who use Skype, they will be disappointed when it stops working. I have some good free Skype for Mac alternatives that can be even better than Skype in some situations.

The main Mac client application that I suggest is Gizmo Project with you can download here. Gizmo is a free phone for your computer but is open source – so isn’t controlled by one company.

I often have use for this free skype for Mac alternative. Try Gizmo today!

ebay Bidding Helper

At times we have been looking for things to buy from ebay. We tried a few times to win the online auction but always failed. That was until we downloaded and used JBidWatcher.

“This is a Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you’re not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), and otherwise track your auction-site experience. It includes adult-auction management, MANY currencies (yen, pound, dollar (US, Canada, Australian, and New Taiwanese), Swiss Francs, and euro, presently), drag-and-drop of auction URLs, a unique and powerful ‘multisniping’ feature, a relatively nice UI, and is known to work cleanly under Linux, Windows, Solaris, and MacOSX from the same binary.”

Google Dashboard Widgets

Google has recently released 3 dashboard mac widgets.

  1. Blogger allows for quick and easy blog posting
  2. Gmail allows for scanning your Gmail inbox at a glance then going to it in a web browser
  3. Search History makes remember the page from last week that little bit easier/simple.

I have just downloaded them and will try them out.

Direct Mail OSX Bulk Email Application

Over the past few months I have been using the paid version of Direct Mail, a simple list management program.

Direct Mail is the best mailing list management and mail delivery software for Mac OS X. Its user-friendly interface and powerful mail delivery engine let you stay in touch with your contacts quickly and easily — without worrying about the details of mail server configurations.

I am very impressed with what it does and how it works. The developers are continually developing it so there are updates every few weeks.

A nice effective stable application to aid in sending out newsletter to my friends. Try it yourself.