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Tag: #noPlaceLeft

3 circles stickers

3 circles gospel stickers

The idea of making 3 circles gospel stickers was first mentioned in January 2017 after a 2 day #NoPlaceLeft gospel conversations training with Troy Copper and Oggie. They had come to train us in Puerto Escondido and over 100 people attended.

Troy Copper training in Puerto Escondido

Since we had to do the drive back from Puerto Escondido to the Huatulco airport in the Surfistas Cristianos Mexico van, we were talking about how good the 3 circles gospel presentation was and it got us thinking about how we could get the message and image in front of more people.

Podcast `On The Road` by Peter Pheaney

The On The Road Podcast by Peter Pheaney is him interviewing various guests in as they explore and answer questions like

“What does No Place Left mean?”

“Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city?”

Each `On the Road` podcast is about 30 minutes in length and always include awesome stories of God at work as Peter interviews the guests who are pursuing movement in their cities.