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Tag: Internet

Stuff about the internet.

Website overhaul

For nearly 2 decades I have been building websites, it is now time for a website overhaul. It began as a time-filler while at bible college. It then became a hobby which led to a full-time job. I built numerous websites for others but often lacked the time to work on my own. Now that I don’t do websites now as a career, I thought it was time to update my own website.

Another OSX Web Designer

In my daily travels I am coming across more and more OSX Web Designers. You can normally recognise their sites — they have the website that look great!

Circle Six Blog artcile of “WordPress Theme Development Workflow for OSX” is a great read and shows that I am not the only one using such OSX workflows.

How to make $24,000 AUD per day

There is an intersting news item in the Australian news today about the annual salary of one CEO.

Costello questions Trujillo’s $9m salary. 26/09/2006. (ABC News Online)

This article talks of the amonut the CEO of Telstra is paid each year. When you divide the amount into 365 days it works out that he is getting paid close to $24000 per day.

Maybe if he wasn’t being paid so much our home phone might be cheaper!

Email Spam

I did a test yesterday for that 24 hour period. I knew that I get HEAPS of email spam (junk mail) that I didn’t request. Over the 1 day I got 160 junk emails. Thanks to Google’s email system (Gmail), nearly all of these were trapped and weren’t downloaded to my machine.

Thanks big G!