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Tag: Apple

Stuff about Apple Macs – OSX.

Free Skype For Mac Download Alternatives

For those who use Skype, they will be disappointed when it stops working. I have some good free Skype for Mac alternatives that can be even better than Skype in some situations.

The main Mac client application that I suggest is Gizmo Project with you can download here. Gizmo is a free phone for your computer but is open source – so isn’t controlled by one company.

I often have use for this free skype for Mac alternative. Try Gizmo today!

Another OSX Web Designer

In my daily travels I am coming across more and more OSX Web Designers. You can normally recognise their sites — they have the website that look great!

Circle Six Blog artcile of “WordPress Theme Development Workflow for OSX” is a great read and shows that I am not the only one using such OSX workflows.

New Mac TV Ads

Apple have released some new ads that has a few good points that encourage people to “Get a Mac“:

  1. It just works.
  2. You can make amazing stuff.
  3. Design that turns heads.
  4. 114,000 Viruses? Not on a Mac.
  5. Next year’s OS today.
  6. The latest Intel chips.
  7. Instant video chats.
  8. More fun with photos.
  9. One-click websites.
  10. Amazing podcasts.
  11. Rock star tune-making.
  12. Hollywood-style movies.
  13. No hunting for drivers.
  14. Awesome out of the box.

I agree with these points – they are why I use a Mac too.

Google Dashboard Widgets

Google has recently released 3 dashboard mac widgets.

  1. Blogger allows for quick and easy blog posting
  2. Gmail allows for scanning your Gmail inbox at a glance then going to it in a web browser
  3. Search History makes remember the page from last week that little bit easier/simple.

I have just downloaded them and will try them out.