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Jesus ask us to follow him and that means to obey Him. To help me obey Jesus I have found the following resources like podcasts and books to be helpful.


There are few podcasts that I regularly listen to, a can highly recommend.

Movements Podcast

The Movements Podcast episodes are normally 30 minutes in length and is a Christian podcast for people who want to multiply people and churches everywhere. Steve Addison interviews guests who share what is happening as they make disciples and form churches.

On The Road Podcast

The On The Road Podcast episodes are normally 30 minutes in length with Peter Pheaney interviewing guests who are pursuing movement in their cities, share skills and tools you can put into practice, and always include awesome stories of God at work.


Author: Steve Addison

My friend and Australian author Steve Addison has written a few books for Christians about movements and disciple making.

Author: Steve Smith

The Christian author Steve Smith died in 2019, but he left a good legacy of resources like the following books.