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Another OSX Web Designer

In my daily travels I am coming across more and more OSX Web Designers. You can normally recognise their sites — they have the website that look great!

Circle Six Blog artcile of “WordPress Theme Development Workflow for OSX” is a great read and shows that I am not the only one using such OSX workflows.

3 Weeks Old

My son Joel is 3 weeks old today!

On Wednesday September 13 our son Joel Michael Allbutt arrived into the world. He is still doing great and does all the things good babies do–sleep, eat, play, and poo (then it all starts over again).

We all have adjusted quite well and Priscila gives him about 100 kisses per day (i.e. she loves him heaps too!).

How to make $24,000 AUD per day

There is an intersting news item in the Australian news today about the annual salary of one CEO.

Costello questions Trujillo’s $9m salary. 26/09/2006. (ABC News Online)

This article talks of the amonut the CEO of Telstra is paid each year. When you divide the amount into 365 days it works out that he is getting paid close to $24000 per day.

Maybe if he wasn’t being paid so much our home phone might be cheaper!

Puerto Escondido earthquake

(Reuters) – A moderate earthquake rocked Mexico’s Pacific coast early on Saturday close to the popular beach resort of Huatulco and was felt as far away as Mexico City, but no damage was reported.

The epicenter of the 5.5 magnitude quake was close to the surfing hotspot Puerto Escondido, but also shook the capital 240 miles to the northwest, Mexico’s national seismological service said.

“People have called to say they felt it but we haven’t received any reports of damage,” said Yanet Antayhua at the monitoring center.