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Category: Family

Stuff about my family.

3 Weeks Old

My son Joel is 3 weeks old today!

On Wednesday September 13 our son Joel Michael Allbutt arrived into the world. He is still doing great and does all the things good babies do–sleep, eat, play, and poo (then it all starts over again).

We all have adjusted quite well and Priscila gives him about 100 kisses per day (i.e. she loves him heaps too!).

First Baby Steps

Yesterday while we were at a friends birthday party, we had the privilege of watching Priscila take her first steps – 3 steps!

She was playing with balloon when it happened. She dropped the balloon which landed a few steps away and so she moved toward it – walking!

We were all very excited. Maybe Priscila will be taking more steps at her first birthday party this Saturday.