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Making disciples while in lockdown and online

Since the COVID-19 pandemic issue began early in 2020, everyone’s life adjusted. Whether people liked it or it, things were now different. I found it was still actually possible to keep making disciples who make disciples while living with the new restrictions. But some things needed to done to make this possible.

Podcast `On The Road` by Peter Pheaney

The On The Road Podcast by Peter Pheaney is him interviewing various guests in as they explore and answer questions like

“What does No Place Left mean?”

“Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city?”

Each `On the Road` podcast is about 30 minutes in length and always include awesome stories of God at work as Peter interviews the guests who are pursuing movement in their cities.

Praying for people

Parents praying for their child

The bible shows us that it is right to be praying for lots of people. There are a few themes and reasons and types of people we should be praying for. Praying for people’s needs. Praying for people’s salvation.

Jesus taught his followers to pray (Matthew 6:5-13) and to pray for people.

John 17:20    “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. 

NLT bible

Bible reading plan to read the Bible

Because today is the end of 2018 it is good to think about your life (did you use a Bible reading plan?) and how the past year has been.

How was this year for you? 

I am sure that you are like most other people and that you want 2019 to be better than this year was.

Over the years I have come to realise that there are 4 things that solid Christians do. In good sized portions all solid Christians:

  1. read the bible,
  2. pray fervently,
  3. share about Jesus,
  4. and gather regularly with others who do these 3 things.