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About Mike Allbutt

My family call me Michael, but prefer to be called Mike. I have tried to make this personal website one that is worthy of being published on the Internet.

I am a husband, father, born again Christian & follower of Jesus Christ who desires to live obediently to Jesus by making disciples of surfers.

To put it another way, I am a…

  1. Committed Christian – follow of Jesus Christ who desires to live obediently which includes making disciples.
  2. Loving Husband/Father – to one wife and four kids.
  3. Authentic Australian – born in NSW but grew up in Queensland and currently live in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
  4. Qualified Carpenter Tradesman – mainly built houses and small carpentry projects as a sub-contractor.
  5. ex-Melbourne Website Designer – worked from a small home office on a 15′ Apple Powerbook.
  6. Keen Bodyboarder – who finds the water temp in Australia a bit cold.
  7. Surfing most days in Puerto Escondido, Mexico on my bodyboard.
  8. Riding my mountain bike with my kids and friends on the roads near our house.
  9. Encouraging people to live in a close relationship with God by receiving the forgiveness of Jesus and living obediently to His commands.
  10. Making the most of each day as I follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit.

Here are my contact details.