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What is a Christian?

After many years of reflection and contemplation, I have come up with this list of the types of things a person does if they are a Christian.

Many people who call themselves Christians don’t match up to this list. Interestingly many who aren’t Christians actually think that the things on this list are correct and expect people who say they are Christians, then they should actually be doing these things.

A Christian…

The wooden cross resembles what is a Christian.
A wooden cross

When asked What is a Christian, simply put, they are someone who has repented of their sins, been baptised and received the Holy Spirit. They follow Jesus AND “fish” for people. They stay connected to Jesus and meeting consistently as a church. A Christian will take up their cross and follow Jesus and seek first the kingdom of God. They will be recognised by their obedience because of their love for God and others – no matter what.

I want to define the following to clarify what a Christian is.

  • Following – living the same life that Jesus and his followers lived.
  • Fishing – be an ambassador; share the message of Jesus to those who aren’t yet believers; encourage believers to follow better, by passing on what you know and helping them to obey Jesus more.
  • Stay connected – daily reading of the bible; minimum of 1 chapter per day; preferably done at the start of each day;
    Spend time praying about things – especially for lost people;
  • Church – a group of other like minded followers of Jesus who meet weekly to encourage each other to live transformed lives and as ambassadors of the Gospel message.

3 things to look for

For me, a spiritually healthy person has a good dose of these 3 things:

  1. They read/ mediate on the scriptures, desiring to live more like Jesus asks them to live.
  2. They have a prayer life where they talk to God – and he communicates back to them.
  3. They meet weekly with others who do these other 2 things.

7 Studies for Jesus disciples

These 7 themes and bible passages are useful for studying for Jesus disciples (as used by NPL Army).

  1. Repent, be baptised & receive the Holy Spirit – Acts 2: 36-41
  2. Follow Jesus, fish for people – Mark 1: 14-20
  3. Stay in Jesus – John 15: 1-11
  4. Take up your cross – Mark 8: 27-38
  5. Meet as a church – Hebrews 10: 24-25; Acts 2: 41-47
  6. Seek first the kingdom – Matthew 6: 25-34
  7. Love God and obey – Matthew 22: 37-40; John 14: 15-21