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3 circles gospel stickers

3 circles stickers

The idea of making 3 circles gospel stickers was first mentioned in January 2017 after a 2 day #NoPlaceLeft gospel conversations training with Troy Copper and Oggie. They had come to train us in Puerto Escondido and over 100 people attended.

Troy Copper training in Puerto Escondido

Since we had to do the drive back from Puerto Escondido to the Huatulco airport in the Surfistas Cristianos Mexico van, we were talking about how good the 3 circles gospel presentation was and it got us thinking about how we could get the message and image in front of more people.

It was because of this causal chatting and thinking about who we do life with and what these people are like, that the idea was first mentioned. Since surfers love stickers – if we made the image into a sticker, then it could put it onto surfboards and show people while the surfer was waiting for the next wave. It became obvious that there were so many places where the stickers could be placed.

Oggie at Huatulco airport
The Surfistas Cristianos Mexico van with Oggie & family at the Huatulco airport

The idea was birthed there on our drive to the airport. After we parted ways, in the coming weeks we had made our first stickers using the 3 circles image. After our casual conversation, something quite impactful was achieved.

3 circles stickers
3 circles stickers
3 Circles gospel drawing
3 circles gospel presentation drawing (What does it mean? Read the 3 circles explanation)

If you want to use this image and share its’ message online, then check out this 3 circles webpage that has a QR code that can be used to point people to the pages’ explanation of the the gospel presentation.

Where are the 3 circles gospel stickers?

So I and others have been able to place the stickers in lots of useful locations. They are one our surfboards and skateboards and bikes and cars. Others have placed them at gathering points in national parks. When they see the sticker, they can ask people if they know what the image means. When they say no, the person explains the image to them 🙂

Surfboards with 3 circles stickers
Surfboards with 3 circles stickers
Skateboard with 3 circles sticker
Skateboard with a 3 circles sticker
3 circles sticker near gas tank door
Sticker located near the gas tank cover
Where have you used and seen the stickers?

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