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Making disciples while in lockdown and online

Since the COVID-19 pandemic issue began early in 2020, everyone’s life adjusted. Whether people liked it or it, things were now different. I found it was still actually possible to keep making disciples who make disciples while living with the new restrictions. But some things needed to done to make this possible.

How I continued equipping & discipling in 2020

Instead of going around visiting people throughout the week, I was able to connect with many people using technology. Zoom became my preferred method of doing video group meetings with more than a few people. Using the video calling within WhatsApp was good for communicating with just one or two individuals at a time.

Instead of just being with people locally, I was now actually connecting with many people from all over the globe. I found a lot of people who were not connecting with others because they couldn’t leave their homes. These people were wanting interaction with other believers. So using online tools we connected.

Online equipping

When we met up virtually, we used the Pattern of discipleship format. After just a few online gatherings, many of those who were in the online groups began their own online gatherings. They did this with with others they already knew. This was encouraging, since instead of stopping making disciples, my disciples were now making disciples.

The year 2020 will be remembered because of the COVID-19 issue that affected the world. But in my case, I can say that I was able to keep equipping disciples who make disciples.