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Podcast `On The Road` by Peter Pheaney

The On The Road Podcast by Peter Pheaney is him interviewing various guests in as they explore and answer questions like

“What does No Place Left mean?”

“Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city?”

Each `On the Road` podcast is about 30 minutes in length and always include awesome stories of God at work as Peter interviews the guests who are pursuing movement in their cities.

On The Road podcast logo
On The Road podcast logo

I like that they share skills and tools that I can put into practice.

The podcast episodes are into their third season. The first season had more than 2 dozen episodes where many tools were introduced. The second season is of interviews with people who are bi-vocational and making disciples. The third season is focusing on movement leaders.

I suggest you start by listening to the entire season one in the order the podcasts were published so that you learn the tools that will be mentioned in the interviews in season 2 and season 3.

On The Road Podcast: Season 1

What does No Place Left mean? Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city? Can I?

If you’ve asked any of these questions then Season 1 of On the Road is for you. Join Pheaney as he drives around and talks about how you can pursue No Place Left wherever God has you.

Episodes feature interviews with guests that are pursuing movement in their cities, skills and tools you can put into practice, and awesome stories of God at work. 

Jump in as we pursue sharing the gospel, making disciples, and reproducing leaders and churches until there is No Place Left where the name of Jesus hasn’t been heard.

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Season 2: Covocational Laborers

For any people or place to be fully reached with the Gospel we need to see hundreds and thousands of followers of Jesus living out sharing the Gospel and making disciples as part of their everyday life. This season however Peter wanted to celebrate and learn from these modern-day heroes of the faith. Everyone you hear interviewed is NOT getting paid by a ministry or church.

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Season 3: Movement Leaders

The third on the road podcast season is about recognizing movement leaders and developing them into their God-given potential.

It’s a timely message because the coronavirus is still gripping the world. It’s also a timeless message because God is always raising up new leaders with a great burden for their own people. He is always preparing people who, like Paul, would rather themselves go to hell than see their own people perish.

Will we recognize these leaders? Will we develop them?

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Season 4: $0 Church

What does it look like to see God birth new churches among lost people? The On the Road Season 4 shares stories of God working in and through churches that have cost nothing to start.

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Season 5: Legacy Church

The fifth season of podcasts are focused on established churches and the pastors that work at them. The desire is for pastors and churches, to deeply consider the question: What legacy will our church leave?

Maybe you’re just kicking the tires on the idea of movement and trying to wrap your brain around how your church could multiply disciples and reach the lost. You’ll hear from several other pastors that have gone on the same journey.

Maybe you’ve tried a couple of things and are in the ‘fall on your face stage’ and just need some encouragement. I hope you’ll find that here.

Or maybe you’re committed to the task of reaching the lost, and multiplying disciples, churches, and leaders out of your existing church and this can be a place where you find others to help you persevere.

Whatever you’re looking for, Peter promises that you’ll hear stories of God doing amazing things in the fifth season of On The Road podcast.

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