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Website overhaul

For nearly 2 decades I have been building websites, it is now time for a website overhaul. It began as a time-filler while at bible college. It then became a hobby which led to a full-time job. I built numerous websites for others but often lacked the time to work on my own. Now that I don’t do websites now as a career, I thought it was time to update my own website.

Although I do know how to code HTML, CSS and PHP, I have found it is much easier to use WordPress as the content management system and utilise the themes and plugins available. This allows me to spend most of the time actually providing content to the site and spending considerably less time on building the site and making sure it is functioning and not breaking.

The website overhaul plan is to give this website a new design that is versatile and works on all platforms – mobile and desktops.