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Things a follower of Jesus should do

As a follower of Jesus I think it is vital to do these basic things: read, pray, share the gospel and meet regularly with others who  are also doing these things. If you don’t, it will be most likely that you won’t be a good strong follower of Jesus.

Important things a Jesus follower does

This is not an long list of things that a follower of Jesus does but they are things that from my personal experiences I have found to be true. A strong follower of Jesus will…


Read the Bible (1 or more chapters a day) and will get to know who God is and how you can live obediently to him. Quickly reading a bible verse on your phone is not enough. Spending time reading and reflecting on a chapter is what will grow you and help you live obediently to Jesus.


Pray to God about people and various needs. They pray to God more than just saying thank you for the food at meal times or when they wake up. Instead, they have thoughts throughout the day and talk with God about things they are thinking about. A simple prayer list can start with praying for 5 of your closest friends who are far from God.


3 Circles gospel drawing
3 Circles gospel drawing

Telling others about the message of Jesus and how to follow him is a good way to remember what is important. Jesus invited people to follow him and do as he did. So that means telling others about God and how they can be near to God too.


Meeting with others who do these other things will keep a Jesus follower strong and encourage them to keep going and not slowing or stopping. Gathering with other Christians should be done weekly and I found in small groups of around half-a-dozen like minded people works best. I also suggest using the 3 thirds format when gathering.

So, as a strong obedient follower of Jesus you will be reading chapters of your bible, praying regularly throughout the day, sharing Jesus with those you do life with, and meeting weekly with others who are also doing these things.