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Sharing the gospel using 3 circles diagram

Because I am a follower of Jesus, I believe it is important and necessary to share the gospel with people. In recent years I have switched to using some good tools that make this easier. The 3 circles gospel presentation is my preferred gospel tool both in person and online.

This is the 3 circles image that I and many others use/draw to explain the message of God. For online sharing, I share this webpage with people because it has the image, and simple explanation and a video of the image being drawn and explained. (There is even a QR code available to be used to bring people to the page.)

3 Circles gospel drawing
3 Circles gospel drawing

You can start drawing it at various areas but I often begin with the circle on the right which talks about living in brokenness and not God’s perfect loving design (represented by the circle on the left with the heart in it).

The following YouTube video shows how to draw and explain this 3 circles evangelism image.

The following video shows how this gospel presentation drawing is being used with people in public.

If there are times that you want to share the gospel but you don’t have anything to drawn on or with, then it is possible to just explain the concepts verbally. Some have made stickers that they placed on the reverse sides of their phones. You could even do what one friend has done – get a tattoo so that you can explain the gospel message wherever you are.

3 circles tattoo
3 circles tattoo

3 Circles Gospel Script

This is how someone might present the 3 circles to a person. Watch this 3 circles video on Youtube to see it being presented by Mateo. Read the 3 circles gospel script to learn how to present the message of God to people.

[Draw right circle with squiggle line inside representing brokenness]

All of us live in a world that is broken. It doesn’t take very long when we look around to see that the world we live in is a mess. We hear of violence, wars, of broken families, people killing themselves.
In one way or another, all of us experience brokenness in our life. We didn’t chose to live in this world but we are just born here, and all of us are affected by this brokenness.

[Draw left circle with love heart in the middle]

However God didn’t create the world to be broken like this. In fact, when He made the world, it was perfect. He made our world full of love, where we would be in a perfect relationship with God and with other people. We weren’t meant to experience the hurt and the brokenness that we are all experiencing today.
The problem was that in that perfect design, the perfect relationship with God and others, we decided to go away from it, and we sinned

[Draw line with arrow from left circle to right circle; write the word sin above the line].

The Bible says we chose to do wrong. Nobody made us do it, but we did it, and as a result, it separated us from God and His design, and it led us to this world of brokenness.

[Draw various (6) squiggly lines with arrowheads outside of and away from the right-hand circle]

What happens is that when we’re in that brokenness, we try to get out. Nobody likes to be there, and so we are often looking for ways out. We think partying or alcohol, is going to fix it. Sometimes we look to relationships or sex, and hope that’s going to fix it.
We buy things or do fun hobbies, activities or holidays as a way of escape. We even think religion or doing good deeds is going to help. Or maybe being successful in my job, my career or my academic studies – that’s going to take me out of my brokenness.
But the reality is that all these things of trying to get us out of our brokenness, just don’t get us there. They’re like springs – they promise a way out, but before we know it, they all pull us right back – and send us right back down into brokenness.
Now God seeing this, because He didn’t want us to stay in brokenness, He made a solution in this world [Draw a small door at the bottom edge inside of the right circle], to make it possible for us to get out of our brokenness. He did so through Jesus.

[Draw bottom circle; arrow down, cross, arrow up]

God came down into the world as the man Jesus. He lived a perfect life. He never sinned and didn’t deserve to die. But Jesus chose to die on the cross. Then 3 days later he rose from the dead, proving he was God.
Jesus preached a simple message. He said that if anybody repents and believes in him, they will be saved because all of their sins will be forgiven.

[write repent & believe near arrow leading from right circle near door to bottom circle]

If we really choose to follow him and make Jesus king of our life

[Draw crown on top of bottom circle]

God promises to gives us all of himself and heal us from our brokenness by restoring us to his design.

[Draw arrow line from bottom circle to top left circle; write restore next to this line].

Gods’ goal isn’t to leave us there though,

[Draw dotted line with arrow head from left circle to right circle]

but to send us right back out to other broken people, so that we can tell them about Jesus, that they too might be able to be restored to God’s design.
So the reality is that we are either in one of these two places.

[Draw stick person inside left circle next to the heart].

We are either in this world of brokenness. Or through Jesus, we are saved and being restored back to God’s design.
In which of these two places are you in today?
Which one do you want to be in?
Is there anything today that is keeping you from repenting and believing in Jesus and following him?
You can do that right now!
So there you have it. Explanations and examples of the 3 circles gospel presentation. Now go and use it!

If you want to use this image and share its’ message online, then check out this 3 circles webpage that has a QR code that can be used to point people to the pages’ explanation of the the gospel presentation.