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Long term missionaries of more than a decade

In October 2007 our family left Australia and moved to Mexico. Because we are long term missionaries, we have set up our lives in Puerto Escondido but return to Australia to visit every few years.

The Allbutt family are long term missionaries in 2018 at the beach
Allbutt family in September 2018

Later this month (September 2018) we will be going to Europe to attend a Christian Surfers International conference at the same location as 14 years. Many of the people who will be attending the conference in France are also involved in CS at other locations around the world. Not many are long term missionaries like us but they do the same things as Christian Surfers.

We are looking forward to this trip but also hoping that Mike’s knee will be better. He injured it the other week playing soccer with friends in their backyard. He has been following the doctors advice and resting it so that it is right for travelling.

10 years of being missionaries

We came to Mexico to share the message of Jesus Christ with the surfing community.