Business Proposal,

This is a brief email trying to scam me.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: “Mr Ming Yang” > Date: 19 October 2010 9:49:48 AM > Subject: Business Proposal, > Reply-To: > > Business Proposal > > I work with the hang seng Bank Hong Kong.I have a business > proposition for you involving > . . . → Read More: Business Proposal,

Troppo Cario - VERY BAD VIRUS

I get many scam emails every week. Here is one more I was emailed advising about a virus. Another reason I use a Mac and not Windows.

P.S. I thought it funny that the AVG virus scanner didn’t alert the person who forwarded this to me that what they were about to forward was indeed . . . → Read More: Troppo Cario – VERY BAD VIRUS

bless you

I get many scam emails asking me to give over my details in return for a large cash deposit. Here is one more I was emailed.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Patricia Vincent > Date: 17 October 2010 6:36:40 PM > To: undisclosed recipients: ; > Subject: bless you > Reply-To: href=””> > > > . . . → Read More: bless you