Posada Cocoa Beach Hotel Website

Today I was able to complete the hotel website for my surfing friend Rene Salinas here in Puerto Escondido. His family own and operate the nice Posada Cocoa Beach Hotel in town.

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URL Shortner for Australia

I have implemented a simple Australian URL shortening service on my ur.id.au domain. With this service you can also choose your own short custom URL name alias. By using my free URL shortener php script with tracking you can get any URLs shortened.

All The Best website

I have found some time to review my website allthebest.com.au over the weekend and have re-instated the form submissions allowing people to submit a URL about websites in Australia.

Already there are nearly than 150 Australian websites listed in my Australian free web directory archive in Australia of all the worlds’ best websites on the . . . → Read More: All The Best website