Email Spam

I did a test yesterday for that 24 hour period. I knew that I get HEAPS of email spam (junk mail) that I didn’t request. Over the 1 day I got 160 junk emails. Thanks to Google’s email system (Gmail), nearly all of these were trapped and weren’t downloaded to my machine.

Thanks big G!

Google Search Suggestions

For some time I have been using a Firefox extension that allows me to see the Google Suggest info. When I type in the Google query field a list appears showing me a suggestion of what others have searched for. This is helpful when doing keyword research for clients.

Now I can simply use the . . . → Read More: Google Search Suggestions

Google Maps + Frappr

Google maps is cool. Now we can all use it and Frappr to pinpoint where we live, work, play etc.

Here is my webpage in Frappr so you can get an account and add yourself to one of my maps.