Another OSX Web Designer

In my daily travels I am coming across more and more OSX Web Designers. You can normally recognise their sites — they have the website that look great!

Circle Six Blog artcile of “WordPress Theme Development Workflow for OSX” is a great read and shows that I am not the only one using such OSX . . . → Read More: Another OSX Web Designer

What do people search for on the internet?

I and many other people have been wondering and searching for an answer to “What do people search for on the internet?“. I did my own research and here are the results of What do people search for on Google.

Freelance SEO Australia

When you need a freelance seo in Australia then you should consider the work I have been successful in especially in recent months.

I am averaging 1 new client a week and they are getting a website that works–first time. No waiting for the search engines to find them–I tell the searches engines and they . . . → Read More: Freelance SEO Australia