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Plan to read the Bible

Today is the end of 2018. How was this year for you? I am sure you want 2019 to be better than this year was.

There are 4 things I see that solid Christians do. In good sized portions they read the bible, pray fervently, share about Jesus, and gather regularly with others who do these 3 things. How are you doing in these areas? What needs to be improved in 2019?

For many weeks I have been thinking about all the Christian I know. My desire is that they all become better followers and fishermen of Jesus.

I have found that having a good plan to read the bible daily helped me stay closer to Jesus. It helped me hear from God even if I didn’t always feel like reading, but there was always some special message God had for me that day.

I suspect most of the Christian I know actually don’t read the bible daily so I want to suggest we do something about it. Let’s read the bible together, to help each other and encourage one another. If you are interested:

Download this free bible app from:
Then join the daily reading plan that I and others will commit to doing. There are plans that are just 5 days long. Or 8 days. Or 14 days. Or longer like 2 months. Or even 1 year or longer. The ones I think are best require reading 1 or 2 chapters per day (which is just 5 to 10 minutes) and have a very short commentary about what was just read.

So, once you have the app installed, let me know and I will let you know what to do next.