bless you

I get many scam emails asking me to give over my details in return
for a large cash deposit. Here is one more I was emailed.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Patricia Vincent > Date: 17 October 2010 6:36:40 PM
> To: undisclosed recipients: ;
> Subject: bless you
> Reply-To:
> Bless you,
> It’s true we do not know each other but God knows us all.I have a
> pressing need at the moment which is some one to stand as my
> foreign beneficiary to claim my late husband’s fund deposit with a
> bank here in Cote D’Ivoire, I wanted to claim it with documents my
> husband left behind but they reffered me to an agreement they
> reached with my husband the very day he made the deposit that only
> his registered next of kin being myself will introduce a foreign
> beneficiary to them who will claim the fund on behalf of me. My
> husband’s family members are seriously searching for my whereabout
> to collect the documents of the deposit from me but I have ran out
> of the village to another town with the documents so I plead that
> you help me secure this sum of $17m. please don’t hesitate to reply
> immediately for me to send you the contact address of the bank here
> in Republic of Cote Divoire and introduce you to them as my late
> husband’s foreign beneficiary.
> I await your positive reply.
> Regards.
> Mrs Patricia Vincent.

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