Melbourne Singing Artist

Maria Pellicano’s roles in life are as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. As a Melbourne gospel singing artist she has more than 20 years of performing experience at cafés, churches, clubs and reception venues, as well as the National Theatre, Victorian Concert Hall, Victorian State Theatre and the Melbourne Entertainment Centre, she is down . . . → Read More: Melbourne Singing Artist

Global Service Sponsors

Global Service Sponsors Inc. is an Australian response to the enormous challenges that people in the 21st century face daily. GSS partner with people in over 30 countries, assisting with education, health, agriculture, radio, IT, income generation and business initiatives, both in the NGO and business sectors. They are funded through the generosity of Australian . . . → Read More: Global Service Sponsors

Another OSX Web Designer

In my daily travels I am coming across more and more OSX Web Designers. You can normally recognise their sites — they have the website that look great!

Circle Six Blog artcile of “WordPress Theme Development Workflow for OSX” is a great read and shows that I am not the only one using such OSX . . . → Read More: Another OSX Web Designer