What do people search for on the internet?

I and many other people have been wondering and searching for an answer to “What do people search for on the internet?“. I did my own research and here are the results of What do people search for on Google.

3 Weeks Old

My son Joel is 3 weeks old today!

On Wednesday September 13 our son Joel Michael Allbutt arrived into the world. He is still doing great and does all the things good babies do–sleep, eat, play, and poo (then it all starts over again).

We all have adjusted quite well and Priscila gives him about . . . → Read More: 3 Weeks Old

Freelance SEO Australia

When you need a freelance seo in Australia then you should consider the work I have been successful in especially in recent months.

I am averaging 1 new client a week and they are getting a website that works–first time. No waiting for the search engines to find them–I tell the searches engines and they . . . → Read More: Freelance SEO Australia