35 days later

It has been 35 days since Priscila celebrated her first birthday. That makes it today that she has been around for 400 days! hip-hip-hooray.

Happy 400th Priscila!

Barnabas Fund

Barnabas Fund is very concerned that, whilst protection of Muslims is increasingly high on the agenda of national and international bodies, protection of Christians is not. This must change if we are to see an end to the discrimination which leads to injustice both at the institutional and at the community level.

Email Spam

I did a test yesterday for that 24 hour period. I knew that I get HEAPS of email spam (junk mail) that I didn’t request. Over the 1 day I got 160 junk emails. Thanks to Google’s email system (Gmail), nearly all of these were trapped and weren’t downloaded to my machine.

Thanks big G!