Security Guard Company

In my work as a Melbourne website design, I have been creating a graphic design for a new branch of MC Labour company. The new arm of the labour hire company is providing security guards all over Melbourne. MC Security Services has been supplying hundreds of security guards in thousands of hours to the 2006 . . . → Read More: Security Guard Company

ebay Bidding Helper

At times we have been looking for things to buy from ebay. We tried a few times to win the online auction but always failed. That was until we downloaded and used JBidWatcher.

“This is a Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you’re not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), . . . → Read More: ebay Bidding Helper

What is that OSX menu icon?

Have you ever seen a  screenphoto of someone’s apple OSX desktop and wondered what that menu icon was? I have and now I have stumbled upon a mac site that lists all these icons – including how much they are to buy and what program puts them there.

Thanks for the effort . . . → Read More: What is that OSX menu icon?