Dengue Fever

The souvenir no tourist wants: dengue fever – Doctors said, prevention is the key to a healthy trip. It’s advice that Hornblower is planning to follow when she returns later this week to her vacation property in Puerto Escondido, a surfer’s paradise south of Acapulco.

Direct Mail OSX Bulk Email Application

Over the past few months I have been using the paid version of Direct Mail, a simple list management program.

Direct Mail is the best mailing list management and mail delivery software for Mac OS X. Its user-friendly interface and powerful mail delivery engine let you stay in touch with your contacts quickly and easily . . . → Read More: Direct Mail OSX Bulk Email Application

Loreto Development

Loreto’s natural beauty rivals tourist amenities … But what were Loreto’s plans for the sea – both in promoting and protecting it? “Puerto Escondido (a marina development 10 miles south of Loreto) will be one …