MAMP: Free OSX Webserver

I design and build all my website on my Apple 15″ Powerbook and use the great free OSX webserver system of MAMP: Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP. With just a few mouse-clicks, a person can install Apache, PHP and MySQL for Mac OS X!

I used to use the in-built webserver but this one is . . . → Read More: MAMP: Free OSX Webserver

15-inch PowerBook

I am very happy with my 15″ Powerbook made by Apple. We purchased it over 3 years ago and mostly it hasn’t missed a beat.

Recently though it stopped accepting any CD’s or DVD’s so we will have to get that replaced shortly – about $600 to get it working again – AAHH!

The only . . . → Read More: 15-inch PowerBook

Make Money With AdSense

It is possible to make some spare cash on the side by displaying relevant ads on webpages. The best idea is to do some keyword research first and find then choose content that people pay more/the most money for click-throughs.