Ultralingua Dictionary Software

I have been using the dictionary software from www.ultralingua.com that runs on Macintosh, Windows, Palm, and Windows Mobile. I find it convenient and comprehensive, for English, Spanish. It also comes in other languages like French, German, Italian.

Google Dashboard Widgets

Google has recently released 3 dashboard mac widgets.

Blogger allows for quick and easy blog posting Gmail allows for scanning your Gmail inbox at a glance then going to it in a web browser Search History makes remember the page from last week that little bit easier/simple.

I have just downloaded them and will try . . . → Read More: Google Dashboard Widgets

Google Maps + Frappr

Google maps is cool. Now we can all use it and Frappr to pinpoint where we live, work, play etc.

Here is my webpage in Frappr so you can get an account and add yourself to one of my maps.